Jona Shoe

Name: Jona Shoe

Professional title: Illustrator & Designer

Email address:

Portfolio link:

City: Seattle

State: WA

Bio: Jona Shoe is a freelance illustrator and designer who identifies as queer and uses she/her pronouns. She recently relocated to Seattle from the midwest to live and work. Jona is available for collaboration, commissions, and licensing. She specializes in sweet, nostalgic and silly illustrations for your publication, small business, unique product or cat circus. She has experience working with briefs for print publication and supporting clients on their personalized art commissions. Jona has a BFA in Film, Photography and Art and MA in Art Therapy. Her work is most often drawn by hand, scanned into a digital workspace and completed in Adobe Illustrator. She also can work in Photoshop to combine text, images and photography for your project.

Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: vector illustration

Secondary area of expertise: hand illustration / comics

Third area of expertise: photography

Experience Level: Junior