Heather Cummings

Name: Heather Cummings

Professional title: Communication Designer

Email address: heather@toohc.com

Portfolio link: www.toohc.com

City: Portland

State: Oregon

Bio: Hi! I am an award winning Communication Designer with 10 years of helping people tell their stories. I've worked in teams with multiple disciplines (industrial designers, researchers, interaction designers, copywriters, architects and fabricators), in many different mediums, on-product graphics, document design, packaging, environment and display and a little digital. 

I focus on companies that do good, whether it's helping global communities become more resilient before, during and after emergencies, working with a woman-owned LGBTQ-friendly gym, or promoting healthy outdoor infrastructure in US cities.

Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: branding

Secondary area of expertise: vector illustration

Third area of expertise: hand-lettering

Experience Level: Senior