Heather Campbell

Name: Heather Campbell

Professional title: Product Manager

Email address: heathermkcampbell@gmail.com

Portfolio link: heathermkcampbell@gmail.com

City: Amsterdam

State: Noord-Holland

Bio: Seattle native, currently living in Amsterdam. I thrive on understanding behavior, goals & what drives people, and geeking out about how technology can solve problems & create magic.

At the University of Washington, I studied International Studies (History + Economics) & focused my thesis research on how the internet is changing rural communities in Northern India.

I started my career in Product Marketing with an agency, where I learned the importance of having a great story.

Fascinated by how clients were applying technology to the world’s problems (from healthcare operations to experiencing live music to helping hedge funds understand mobile trends), I pursued a Masters in Business Management at London Business School (focused on strategy & finance) and moved into Venture Capital, where I was able to dive deep into the potential of business models & products.

With a fund focused on network effects, I grew increasingly curious about what makes marketplaces tick, leading me to my current role as a Product Manager at Booking.com, one of the world’s largest marketplaces.

At Booking.com, I’ve primarily worked on growth & retention driven products, & currently work on helping users help other users through the exchange of travel experiences (some might call this User Generated Content).

Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: strategy

Secondary area of expertise: project management, producing

Third area of expertise: digital marketing

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: SQL, Google Analytics, HTML & CSS

Experience Level: Mid-level