Silvia Gonzalez

Name: Silvia Gonzalez

Professional title: Designer

Portfolio link:

City: Toronto

State: ON

Bio: As as designer, I am ferociously curious and inspired by ambiguity. I thrive taking on projects that allow me to move across and beyond categories and disciplines, taking complex problems and translating them to simple solutions; whether it is creating an affective environment, a beautiful diagram, a digital product, or rethinking a complete service.

In December 2016 I quit my job at Huge to explore how design and activism can work hand in hand. I am specifically interested in anti-oppression work.

Languages: Spanish, English

Primary area of expertise: web design

Secondary area of expertise: app front end design

Third area of expertise: UX design

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: I am also a trained Architect and Computer Engineer. I would love to do work on the intersection of the physical and digital.

Experience Level: Senior