Alison Monday

Name: Alison Monday

Professional title: frontend WordPress developer

Email address:

Portfolio link:

City: Madison

State: WI

Bio: Alison Monday wants to live in a world where it’s not a cakewalk for hackers to break into websites, simplicity wins over clutter every time + direct flights to Paris are insanely affordable. c’est vrai!

as a responsive developer + support system extraordinaire, she’s fixed/maintained/built/improved sites for amazing clients like Natalie MacNeil, Small Business Bodyguard, Erika Lyremark, Susan Hyatt, Sylvie McCracken + Victoria Prozan, just to name a few.

when she’s not ruining the fun for hackers, you can find her throwing impressive amounts of weight around in CrossFit classes, working on flexibility in the yoga studio, or carrying on serious conversations with Brutus + Pixel {her 110 pound bullmastiff + 95 pound lab/pitbull/mastiff mix, respectively}.

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Languages: English

Primary area of expertise: web dev

Secondary area of expertise: web design

Third area of expertise: strategy

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: I offer WordPress managed hosting and WordPress security services as well.