Abigail Marble

Name: Abigail Marble

Professional title: Illustrator/designer

Email address: abbey@abigailmarble.com

Portfolio link: http://www.abigailmarble.com

City: Portland

State: Oregon

Bio: I'm an illustrator (mainly children's books but open to other genres). My media are watercolor, graphite, ink, and colored pencils, usually with some photoshop manipulation in there somewhere. I love hand lettering, and I have a background in graphic design for print, so am skilled with CS applications and getting projects to press.

Languages: sadly, just English

Primary area of expertise: hand illustration / comics

Secondary area of expertise: drawing / painting

Third area of expertise: hand-lettering

Any additional skills or areas of expertise you would like us to know about: I am most interested in illustration and hand-lettering projects, but I also have a background in graphic design and have InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop skills.

Experience Level: Mid-level