In 2018

we plan to do even more:


Serve more organizations. 

Create more efficient models to facilitate pro-bono work in the creative industry.

Increase the amount of good work done by our members.

Increase the impact of Visible as a whole.


Our 2018 Goals

• Continue to connect Pledge Members and Studio Partners to projects for organizations in need.

• Establish an in-house Visible Studio that will award yearly grants worth $80,000 in creative work in the form of four $20,000 grants per year.

• Establish a Visible Studio paid internship program that focuses on providing mentorship and professional opportunities to emerging creative talent from backgrounds that reflect the communities and causes Visible serves. 

• Foster a community spirit of giving back within the creative industry and provide a wider range of volunteer opportunities through quarterly Design Equity Tournaments. These events create opportunities for Pledge Members of all skill levels to donate their time and services within a finite timeframe. The market value of a logo donated from each tournament is approximately $5,000.

• Build a Resources section of our website with downloadable accessibility and inclusivity guidelines, checklists, contracts, and templates specific to pro-bono work. These resources will be promoted and distributed via a new bi-monthly Visible newsletter.

• Strengthen our capacity with the addition of two dedicated part-time employees whose day-to-day work will increase the amount of organizations we can serve, the monetary value of services that Visible and its members are able to donate each year, as well as our capacity to develop the resources needed for increased outreach to engage our Members in pro-bono work and provide educational tools to help them provide it.

• Establish a sizable committee of advisors from backgrounds that reflect the causes and communities that Visible serves. These advisors will help guide Visible's direction and ensure accountability in the work we do. We have selected our 2018 Advisory Committee, based on their areas of expertise to help us learn how we can better advocate for inclusivity, accessibility, and equity in the work we do.