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Help us meet our basic monthly expenses and cover costs to create the systems and content to support our events, services, and resources.

We have some pretty ambitious goals leading up to 2020. But making these goals a reality takes time, work, and resources, and can only happen with your help.

The work we are able to do with your donation provides approximately 4x the amount of your donation in creative work for organizations. 

In 2017 our members donated creative services with a value of over $120K to our Organizations as a direct result of working with Visible.

Imagine what we could do with your help.

Visible is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donation is tax-deductable.



Your tax-deductible donation will help directly fund the work we’re doing to to make this effort possible. 


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Make a donation over $5000 to help us establish Visible Studio as a full-service creative agency.

Donate Resources and Services

Are you interested in donating printing services or discounted ad space for our projects? Software subscriptions or computers for our in-house volunteer design team? Email us to learn how your business can donate resources and services to Visible.