Visible Terms of Service


Client Guidelines
and Responsibilities

1.  Project timeline

At the beginning of your project, you’ll receive a project timeline. It is very important that you review this document carefully to make sure that you are available at scheduled dates where you will be required to provide feedback, and are able to provide feedback within the time allowed on the timeline. 


2. Scope of work

Just as your project has a clear start date, it also has a clear end. The process of working with your creative team is not infinite. 

Your project ends after a specific amount of work has been completed by your creative team (outlined in your Scope of Work document). You will receive a specific and limited number of opportunities to influence the direction of your project which will be outlined clearly in your project timeline. 

As such,  it’s important to be fully engaged when your creative team presents work for your review, and thorough in your feedback and direction for the next round of work in order to make the most of your time together. 

Very rarely, further rounds of work are required to wrap up a project. If this is the case and your creative team is available and willing to provide the additional work, your Project Manager will prepare a revised Scope of Work amendment to continue the project.


3. Value of work

The work that your creative team creates for you has a specific dollar value that it is worth, and this corresponds to the dollar amount that your creative team normally charges for similar work. You will receive a Value of Work estimate at the beginning of your project that outlines the number of hours that your creative team has estimated they will spend completing your project, and the corresponding dollar value of that work. At the end of your project, your Visible Creative Team will prepare a final Value of Work statement. Keep this document for your records.


4. Pro Bono vs. “Free”

Although your Visible creative team is providing creative work to you at no charge (“free”), and the main reason they are providing this work to you is to support the value of what you do for our community, there is an exchange involved. Your creative team will expect to have more creative freedom in the work that they create for your project than they would when working for a paying client. 

We usually find that if a client does not feel comfortable in giving up some level of creative control in exchange for free creative work, Visible is probably not a good match for their needs. If this is the case for you, just let us know. We would be happy to connect you with a designer or design studio accepting clients within your price range. 


5. Trust

You may be wondering: “If we agree to give up some creative control, how can we be sure that the work will be good, or fulfill the needs and requirements of our project?”

We understand your concern, and that’s one of the reasons that Visible personally reviews the experience, qualifications, and track record of each of our members and Studio Partners to select the most qualified creative team available to work on your project. Visible members and Studio Partners are practicing professionals with clients that pay market rates for their services.

As experts in their field, you can expect your team to create exciting work for you that pushes the boundaries of what you may be used to seeing within your industry. We encourage you to give it a chance, and keep in mind that these are the same teams whose paying clients trust to lead the look and feel of their brands.

If, after giving the work a fair chance, you still aren’t convinced that the project is going in the right direction or have concerns about the work that your creative team is recommending, the Visible internal team would be happy to review the work and provide a second opinion on the appropriateness and look and feel of the work that has been created for you.


6. Structured input

Allowing your team increased creative freedom does not mean that they will do whatever they want without your input. 

Visible has an established process that all of our creative teams agree to follow that facilitate focused and appropriate client input at critical stages of each project.

Prior to starting creative work, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in processes that help your creative team gather more information about your project goals and aesthetic preferences. 

First, you’ll answer a series of questions about your business, cause or organization. This is an opportunity to let your team know what values are important to your brand, your audience, what types of concerns you might have about the work they will create for you, and any other information you think is important for them to know before they start your project. This is the perfect time to invite your board, team members, or employees to participate in the creative process. 

Then, your creative team will start a conversation that will help establish the overall look and feel of the work that they will create for you.

Next, your creative team will begin work. You can typically expect your creative team to present you with three initial design directions to choose from. From there, you will choose the option you like best from the choices presented and provide feedback to the creative team for revisions. Then, they will refine the direction you’ve selected, and present you with additional work until (typically) three rounds of creative work are completed, then the project is complete.


7. Feedback Guidelines

Many of our clients are new to providing feedback to creative teams and may feel unsure of what to say or how to say it. When your project is assigned a creative team, we will provide a few simple feedback guidelines for you to follow to make sure the process goes smoothly.


8. Designated point of contact and decision makers

Before we begin work on your project, it is important that you review our guidelines with your board members, trustees, donors, or any other main decision makers on your team so that they understand our rules and feedback guidelines. We require our Project Manager to be in direct contact with the main decision maker at each stage of the process. 

We respectfully ask that you limit your main decision makers for the project to a maximum of 2-3 trusted colleagues, board members, or employees that are familiar with your business to help you review the work your creative team creates for you. 


9. If in doubt, contact us

We’re committed to making sure that each and every project that is completed through Visible is conducted ethically, professionally, and respectfully. If at any time you have concerns about your creative team or the work that they are producing for you, just contact us and we’ll make sure things get back on track as soon as possible.