It’s All Good.

Joining Visible as a Studio Partner is low risk, high reward: 



There is no fee to become a Visible Studio Partner.



Visible provides several options to integrate pro-bono work into studio culture and foster a community spirit of giving back. Your employees can compete in an All-for-Good Equity Tournament event, participate in a Good-for-All Equity Challenge during downtime, or you may choose to take on a Visible organization as a pro-bono client to work on a large or small project with them independently.



Pro-bono projects provide opportunities to give your junior team members the chance to lead and grow, and bring teams who don’t always work together a chance to get to know each other and collaborate.



Visible focuses on providing work to smaller organizations like grassroots non-profits and community efforts that typically have limited access to agency-level creative work, increasing access to the work of the creative industry for those who need it most.




We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about becoming a Visible Studio Partner.